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Fire & Smoke Damage

Explore the expertise of Premiere Generale; your trusted partner in the field of fire and smoke damage restoration. With our exceptional know-how, we position ourselves as experts offering superior services in the greater Montreal area.

Our expert`s team possesses extensive knowledge about specific related challenges to fire related disasters. We understand the importance of quickly and effectively reacting to minimized impact on your property.

Either it is your business or your house, Premiere Generale is there for you.

Custom solution: At Premiere Generale we adjust to every intervention to precisely match your requirement. We start by assessing all damages and then we create a tailored plan to restour your home to it optimal state. We work with your insurance for the best seamless experience.

Quick Intervention: Our commitment and priority is to intervene as quickly as possible. We use proven and modern tools to quickly clean up, fix affected areas and improve air quality fast.


Complete Restoration: Beyond removing visible damage, we address potential consequences on the building structure and overall safety. Our team understand complete cleaning, meticulous drying and restoration of your belonging for a comprehensive project.


Together Towards Perfection: Trust Premiere Generale for unmatched expertise in fire and smoke damage restoration and renovation. We are here to make sure your home looks great again and that you are completely satisfied with it.

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