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Première Générale

Laval & Montréal-Ouest

Together towards perfection!

PG Laval, an essential reference in the field of environmental and disaster recovery services. With solid expertise, we are committed to offering comprehensive and effective solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers. Explore with us a partnership built on excellence, sustainability and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Much more than a company, PG Laval is your ally for a safer environment and successful projects.

Transplanting Succulents


Proud to be carbon neutral,  Premiere Generale is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. We adopt sustainable practices and invest in carbon offsetting initiatives to help preserve the environment. At Premiere General, we are determined to build a greener future.

What do we do ?

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Continuing education

We invest in the continuing training of our staff;

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First General Laval has grown by 400% since its creation, processing more than1000 cases per year, with a team of16 project managers and10 emergency teams operational 365 days a year,7 days on7,24 hours on24 in the field. FG Laval is here for you!


PG Laval is fully committed to the francization process, demonstrating its desire to promote linguistic diversity within the company. This approach reflects our commitment to promoting the French language, and strengthening our integration into the Quebec community.

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Family in the Kitchen


Excellence & high quality

After a disaster, our highly qualified team stands out for its commitment to excellence, ensuring careful and professional restoration. Using our services guarantees a high quality intervention, ensuring complete restoration and peace of mind.

Family Portrait

“Behind each file, there is a person, a family, a story”

- Norayr Chakhalyan, CEO. PG Lava;.

Offer hope, give to Moisson Laval! Every donation counts to feed those in need. Donate today and change lives. Thank you for your generosity!

Moisson Laval
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